August 1, 2012


"Ain't it too small, what do you think, doc ?"
We are undoubtedly the most successful species on this planet when it comes to populating it.  Expanding by leaps and bounds, doubling human numbers every 35 years – or less.  I was used to 3 billion people around me, now our global numbers topped 7 billion – our children better get used to 9-11 billion.  Florida has been doing particularly well – doubling its population every 20 years.
The population growth is a controversial issue, putting it succinctly. Just listen to the Pope’s sort of  “go and multiply” message - and then to environmental scientists considering sustainability - -
Yet, our exploding numbers, causing the shrinking ‘elbow space’ and critical resource scarcities, are undoubtedly the reason for escalating and deadly frictions on this globe.  And the endless human GREED – only gets multiplied by all those billions.
The current 19+ million people hanging onto Florida are the real reason for impossibility of the Everglades restoration too.  We dewatered the ‘swamp’ to gain land and converted it to intensive farming and agriculture uses as well as sprawling cities.  Florida economc machine revved up as our numbers kept growing – look at the census data, ask the developers, the government, just look around. Nowadays, a serious notion to “grow out of our debt” tends to be practiced as a working and ‘workable’ economic tool. Actually, our enlightened economists hardly even have an economy model for the population no-growth scenario. Corporate growth is a sacrosanct manta – and practice.  Grow – grow – grow – is it workable ?
All growth curves level off – and decline, according to the Malthusian hypothesis and historical observations.  Human history knows many instances where civilizations perished as their growth became unsustainable. Running out of resources (food, water, materials) and poisoning themselves with refuse and by-products are the unmistakable reasons. 
Could we see similar pressures in Florida ?
Freshwater shortages, pollution problems, economic dislocations and such – all stemming from the growing population pressures. 
Whether we like it or not, that is at the bottom of it all.

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