October 5, 2012


Primeval reflex urges – they are hard to overcome. During its evolution, human species has probably become genetically hard-wired to hunt and fish – for survival.  This, likely since more than a million years ago, when our hunter/gatherer ancestors roamed the wilderness surrounding them.
And nowadays we are thrilled to grab a gun or a fishing rod and head out into the open – why ?  It must be to satisfy our primeval urges. Because we don’t need to fetch for ourselves this way. Our meat comes from our supermarkets around the corner and so does our fish.  Perversely enjoying the ‘catch’ adrenalin, more often we don’t even eat the poor fish that gets hooked -.
Either for its  mercury toxicity or for wildlife protection reasons.  It is definitely somewhat barbaric to go after animals and fish for actually no reason whatsoever. In fact, with our weaponry and so effective hunting tools, the animals and fish hardly even have a chance. And let’s face it, we don’t really need to fish and hunt.  Certainly not for ‘survival’.
The question is, could we suppress those evolutionary instincts ?  Sitting deep inside us - kill-kill-kill - -
Of course that we could – if we wanted to. 
And why not ?  Grab a camera instead of a gun and aim that ‘weapon’ well. It does take skills and - snap !  You have your shot, and you even have your ‘trophy’ ! 
And what about our fishing rods and nets and hooks and boats - and their engines ?  I don’t know, maybe start with discarding the latter ones and just paddle – for sport and recreation – as our kind of fishing is more properly labeled.  Yes, you can be more one with water and nature. Look around, enjoy – more challenging is to note the fish underneath you. You can even catch and eat them for survival on your trip but you don’t really need to – those days are thousands of years past - -
Really. There is more than you need to eat – in your coolbox.


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  2. Twilight Zone piece considering the Everglades hunt & fish legacy.
    Art Marshall did not hunt or fish but he did align himself with the huny & fish community