November 6, 2012


Maybe the UN election observers should have been called in for the US election on November 6.  It seems that the world leading democracy and superpower that flies to the Moon, Mars and faraway planets is not capable of managing the most important democratic exercise, an election at home. Florida happens to be a shining example. Some voters are disenfranchised and reports of electoral fraud surfaced.  According to the latest election-day report, a “high-tech” voting machine in Philadelphia was found to have been rigged – persistently selecting candidate Romney when Obama was voted. Is this the only electoral machination or what’s next ? What is the matter ? 

The greatest democracy in the world, in debt up to its ears, is becoming paralyzed and gridlocked from Washington (D.C.) to the West, South and North. The whole election exercise has been getting out of hand – it is confusing and confused with electoral campaigns running forever, costing billions of secretive dollars going up in smoke in non-productive advertizing campaigns. The electoral lists are a mess and attempts are even being made to manipulate electoral districts, early voting with a wait for 9 hours ?

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 Every trick in the book is being used to confuse and manipulate the voter. Is this supposed to be the signature of “the greatest country in the world ” ? Click and watch a brilliant answer to that latter question -

Following the current great world robbery that is euphemistically called “the greatest recession since the Depression”, one cannot resist being suspicious about everything that is going on – whom to believe, if anyone ? Is the celebrated democracy itself, together with the greedy ‘market driven’ economy, just becoming unworkable ? Time will tell – unless the seas rise faster than we can run.

Of course, that aspect and environmental issues have hardly even been mentioned in the present campaign and presidential debates. Does anyone listen ?
And we are hoping to fix the Everglades in all this mess ? Drill, baby, drill - even in the Everglades ?!

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